Shake it off

Okay let’s face it – summer got the best of me. Anyone else in the same boat? As much as I like to try to live a healthy lifestyle, sangria and pizza being two of the main parts of my diet these past few months did not exactly agree with my hopes for a “great summer bod.”

A few months ago, one of my good girlfriends Whitney was telling me about a job she had got teaching Sculpt Barre at the new studio coming to Winnipeg. Immediately I was interested! I had tried barre classes before, and was super excited that there was now an entire studio devoted to it!

Whitney mentioned that Tess – the owner of Sculpt Barre Winnipeg – was looking for someone to work front end at the studio. I jumped on the opportunity and got in touch with Tess after hearing how much Whitney enjoyed working with the girls from Sculpt. A few months later here we are, and I am loving being part of the Sculpt Barre fam!


Sculpt Barre was originally developed in Alberta and has now made its way to Winnipeg being the first studio here. This boutique barre studio is an amazing way to get in shape while having a great time in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Sculpt Barre itself can be describe as a mix of ballet, yoga, and pilates. Being a combination of arm, ab, leg, and booty exercises, this workout literally targets all of those spots that may be needing a bit of attention! All of the moves consist of small movements, with the goal being that your muscles push through the burn and eventually begin to shake! That’s where the magic happens. Here is the best part. Never been a dancer? May not be the most in shape and looking for somewhere to start? THIS IS THE PLACE! Everyone is welcome, all fitness levels are encouraged and the Sculpt Barre Winnipeg staff will do their very best to get you to where you want to be!


Maybe it’s just me, but I can get intimidated sometimes when I walk into the gym. There’s ripped people everywhere, I do not always know how to use the machines or what exercises to try, and I would rather be in my bed. Although I also work there, I do not get this feeling at Sculpt Barre Winnipeg. Not only is this a super amazing workout, but the environment cannot be beat. Honestly, the studio absolutely beautiful, and the ladies that I work with could not be a more encouraging and supportive group. Every person that comes into the studio immediately becomes part of a community. The people we meet coming to attend class are not just names and faces, but new friends that we are happy to see the next class.



 I think you get the point. I’m obsessed with Sculpt Barre. But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself! Come say hi, and try a class!

#8 960 Lorimer Blvd – Winnipeg


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