Five Favourites – Beauty Style

I am all about trying new beauty products.

I am constantly searching for and reading about new products that can improve my skin, hair, or beauty quality.

Because we can all use a little help sometimes, ye know?

Here are five of my fave products that I am using right now as a part of my regular beauty routine

image1 (2)

Bobbi Brown Face Moisturizer

Okay this stuff changed my moisturizer game. Seriously, every use feels like your skin just drank a LARGE glass of water. It is the absolute best. I would recommend this for anyone like me who has SUPER dry skin. Especially when the weather is changing and winter is coming (no reference intended…) our skin takes a beating. This stuff leaves your skin in great condition with no dry spots and zero greasy feeling. Seriously if you try anything I recommend, try this stuff.

DryBar The Chaser Shine Cream

I discovered this little magic trick when I was in New York. My friend Maddy and I were getting blowouts when the amazing stylist combed a little of this stuff through my hair with her fingers. WOW. This product leaves your hair feeling shiny and soft but not greasy. I actually love it and even better it smells FANTASTIC. Whats also great is that DryBar products are free of parabens or sulfates – yay for healthy hair!

image2 (1)

Shiny Silver Purple Shampoo for blonde hair

All of my girlfriends were RAVING about this stuff. Purple shampoo…what?

So I decided I needed to jump on this bandwagon and test it out for myself. I was a bit hesitant because I do not have coloured hair and worried I wouldn’t have the same FAB results my friends did. Boy was I wrong. This product only needs to be used once a week, maybe before a night out with the girls or a nice dinner. It eliminates any brassiness your hair may have and leaves it with a great blonde glow.

Purple shampoo FTW

Sadly, I could not find a link for this product but I got it at Sally in Winnipeg

image4 (1)

Dust a Do DryShampoo Tiberriver

I’m just going to stay on the hair theme here for just one more product.

I could NOT find a dry shampoo that I liked and it was killing me. Because lets get real who isn’t using dry shampoo 80% (99%….) of the time. Every single one I found reeked like baby powder or just make my hair feel like straw.


Then. I found this product. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. I kid you not I am obsessed with it. Not only does it have a nice refreshing smell but actually leaves my hair feeling soft.

Whats even more awesome about these products is that they are made in Manitoba and are NATURAL!

Love it.

image3 (1)

St Tropez Self Tanner

Okay so I am white as a ghost.

It’s straight up concerning when I wear white clothes because I could disappear and no one would notice.

Yes. I am that pale.

For awhile I went tanning in a bed but really hated doing that to my skin and the health concerns really stressed me out.

So I decided to find a good self tanner. Most of the others I tried either had a super funky smell, or were made of half glitter. As much as I love glitter, I am not a vampire and it was super weird.

St Tropez has either the option of a lotion or a mousse for their products which is great! I personally use the lotion and I also have the one specifically for face (which is photographed above).

This product works really well, blends in super great and doesn’t leave me with an unnatural colour but just a bit of a glow!

So these are my five fave beauty products of the moment, feel free to share your’s below! Links to the products can be found by clicking on the product titles.

Photos taken at Sculpt Barre Winnipeg (Thanks Tess)


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