Fallin’ in loveeee

Cute title hey? I’m super creative


But seriously HOW is it already October 1st.

Fall is one of my favourite times of year (besides the Christmas season, of course.)

The weather is crisp, the sweaters are cozy, and there are tons of activities going on in the city.

Which makes it one of the best times to try out some new date night ideas with your partner!

Here are some Winnipeg based ideas that could inspire your next date night:

Pineridge Hollow

The Beet Chips…..so good.

Pineridge Hollow is a super cute spot to go especially in the fall. It is located right near BirdsHill so it has a great cabin feel close to home! Not only do they have really delicious food, but a cute store that carries clothes, candles, decor, and furniture.

Seriously…what more could you ask for?

Heading out here for Brunch on a Saturday or Sunday and then spend the afternoon talking a walk through Birdshill Park! Such a nice way to take advantage of the last few warm days.

A Maze in Corn


I get it. I am a five year old at heart okay?

I have done this before and honestly it was one of my favorite dates. We spent the evening picking out pumpkins, petting the animals, and even went through the “haunted forest”

I was terrified.

The goat tried to eat my jacket...we got off on the wrong foot.
The goat tried to eat my jacket…we got off on the wrong foot.
We came to an understanding

Afterwards head home with your pumpkin picks, grab a bottle of wine, and start carving! This is such a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit and have some fun outdoors as well. If you’re feeling really festive you can also clean off the seeds and season them however you like. Pumpkin seeds make a DELICIOUS snack!


The Smith at the Forks

Okay so obviously I had to toss something about food in here..

I picked this restaurant as a share because honestly, its amazing. I went the other day for the first time. The food, ambiance, and atmosphere were ALL amazing. The place has such a cozy, Canadian feel. You need to go to know what I mean.

Also…I had the salmon with asparagus risotto…it blew my DAMN MIND. Amazing.

While your here, your already at The Forks. So why not walk around, explore the shops, and spend some time getting to know your city.

Across the Board

I also decided to pick a spot that I have personally never been to but would really like to go to.

I mean, who doesn’t want to spend the evening playing board games with their loved one and eating a cheese board? That sounds like perfection to me.

I have heard really great things about this place and think it would be such a cute place to go on a double date. But watch out, I know what a seriously monopoly player I am so make sure you are secure in your relationship before who gets to own Park Place starts an epic argument.

Harry Potter movie marathon


Okay so. This one is for all those Harry Potter fans out there.


Seriously, pop some popcorn, make a fort, get a million blankets, and settle in for the best 24 hours ever.

Harry Potter is such a perfect movie series to watch around this time of year, and I mean who doesn’t love re-watching them.

I mean everyone does do this….right?

And honestly, sometimes the at home date nights are the best ones! You can get cozy, eat as many snacks as you like, and have a night to relax.

These are some of my fall date night ideas, please share yours below!


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