Studying Struggles

It’s that time of year where if you’re a student you are also drowning in midterms and assignments.

Can I get an amen?


Especially with our weather here in Winnipeg being as great as it is these past few weeks it can be hard to concentrate. It is super easy to get distracted and all of a sudden you have a paper due tomorrow and you have barely started.

Who? Me. Never!

I find that trying to look for ways to stay focused is a good way to keep on track without wanting to go completely Britney Spears from 2007.


Get a good nights sleep

Before you know you have a big day of being productive and studying make sure you get to bed early. Drink some decaf green tea, spray some lavender scent around, and make sure that you go to bed at a reasonable hour and get a good sleep. That way, you can wake up early and get started on all of the work you need to get done!

Hide your phone

Seriously. I am NEVER more active on Instagram then when I really need to finish something. I actually like everything. Every. Single. Thing. It is SUCH a distraction. I also end up ordering insane things online that I really do not need so help your wallet and your grades at the same time!

By hiding your phone, leaving it in a different room of the house, and making sure that it is on silent, you can avoid distraction and that way you aren’t even tempted!

Give yourself a break

For me, I know that unless I have something to look forward to I have a hard time getting focused. Schedule yourself a break. When hiding your phone, set an alarm for every hour or so. Once it goes, allow yourself to check your phone, take a walk, make a snack, or whatever you want to do to take a break and then get back to whatever assignment or studying you need to finish!


Study with someone from your class or a friend

Bringing a friend or someone from your class can be super helpful if you keep each other on track. Go study somewhere at school or a coffee shop, but pick different tables or cubicles. This way, you don’t talk too much or get off topic. But, you can get coffees, and take a break together!

If you study with someone from the same class, this way you can quiz each other or clear up any questions either of you may have.

Got some studying tips? Let me know! Now…I should get back to my paper.


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