In the spirit of Canadian Thanksgiving – I thought I would share a bit about a dinner that some girlfriends and I had at my house last weekend.

Part of my Fall bucket list was getting some of my girlfriends together and having a “Girlsgiving” 

I mean who doesn’t love setting up some cute decor, hanging out with their girls, eating a bunch of amazing food, playing some board games, and drinking lots of wine and holiday cocktails.

This was my first time cooking a turkey…and let’s just say it is forsure something I am glad I tried out.

Making a turkey seems a lot more terrifying then it is in reality. Honestly it is not that bad besides having you reach your hand into a cold, dead bird and taking out that bag of gross on the inside.

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Incase anyone reading is also interested in trying to cook their first bird, I’ll share a few tips that I found useful in order to cook a delicious turkey! (and not to brag…but this turkey turned out perfectly! It had great flavour, was not dry, and had a nice crisp outer skin)

First, make sure if your turkey is frozen you thaw it in advance. I filled my sink with COLD water a day in advance and put the turkey in there for the whole day before and until I was ready to prep the bird the next day.

When I started my prep, I made sure to get everything out of the inside, and clean the turkey again with cold water. Make sure you clean the entire turkey, inside and out.

Since my friends all contributed to the dinner, someone was already bringing stuffing. So instead of filling the bird with that, I stuffed it with salt, pepper, apples, carrots, and onions. This created a great flavour. On the outside of the bird, I used a TON of butter with salt and pepper to help create a crisp skin. If you need a good tutorial for tying up your turkey, I used a Martha Stewart tutorial from youtube.

Click here for a link to the tutorial

IMPORTANT!  Put something in the bottom to help get the turkey out of whatever you cook it in. I made this mistake. It ended with a bunch of turkey fat all over the floor and a very happy basset hound licking it up.

I put the turkey in at 400 for an hour, and from there reduced heat to 350. I took it out for basting every half hour for about four hours until it was perfect! A good trick my friend taught me is to tug on one of the legs and if it comes right away the turkey is ready!

A great way to have a Girlsgiving is by getting everyone to contribute, everyone brings a dish, or a fall themed cocktail, and you have everything you need!

We also played the game of things. This game is HILARIOUS. Seriously, buy it and bring it to every girls night for unlimited laughs.

Here are some pictures from the day. Share some of your fall bucket list ideas!

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Nicole's Mulled Wine Prep! Yum!

Nicole’s Mulled Wine Prep – SO GOOD!

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