Friday Favorites

We all know when winter is coming because of “the cold.”

“The cold” is something we all get. We try to prevent it, we try to avoid it, we try to hide from it, BUT it always finds us.

And it sucks.

You’re tired, stuffy, grumpy, and it always seems to come at a time where you are extremely busy and have a bunch of stuff to get done, but the only thing you actually can do is eat soup and snuggle up in bed with your bff Netflix.


Here are some of my Friday Faves from this week to try to get my mind off the cold, and to focus on something for five minutes.


Favourite Accessory: These weird little hair ties

image3 (1)

These little guys are every girls dream hair tie. When you take your hair out of your top knot or pony it leaves no crease! Amazing.

Favourite Beauty treatment: Organic Tan WPG 

image2 (1)

Okay so I am extremely pale. I went to Organic Tan WPG this week and wow. I LOVED it. My experience was amazing, the staff was so friendly and make you feel so comfortable. The tan turned out even and natural. Above are my results! A link to more information on their services is in the title above.

Favorite Comedian: Iliza Shlesinger


Okay so I went to see Iliza at Rumours comedy club in Winnipeg last night, and I am still smiling. This chick is HILARIOUS. Check out her new feature on Netflix – I guarantee you will be laughing so hard and pretending she is your best friend in no time.

Favorite Dessert to try: Apple Snickerdoddle Cobbler


Doesn’t this dessert look amazing? Forsure something I want to try and cook this October!

Favorite Quote: Carrie Bradshaw



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