Scattered Seeds

Another gorgeous fall day in Winnipeg today! How lucky are we?

This morning Pam (my mom) and I went over to the Scattered Seeds craft fair in Winnipeg.

We love to hit up the craft shows and farmers markets this time of year, not only to get some amazing stuff for ourselves, but scope for Christmas gifts as well!

Some of my favourite vendors were at this show, and I thought I would share those with you!

image1 (3)

Coal and Canary Candles

I honestly have so many amazing, and positive things to say about this product.

These candles are seriously

Not only do they smell fantastic, have adorable names, and last a long time, but they’re also soy based with a wide wooden wick which is just great for the environment.

The product was a feature in the Oscars and Academy Awards give away bags – so cool!

To top it all off, owners and creators Amanda and Tom are two of the biggest sweethearts you will ever meet.

Seriously, these candles are worth checking out.

Sugar Blossom Jewelry

Today I bought my very first Sugar Blossom bracelets.

Honestly they are just so darn cute I had to buy two because I was having such a hard time deciding which one I wanted.

The colours are adorable, and they also have super pretty chain bracelets as well.

Yes, I am a shopaholic. It could be worse…right?

Anyways, you can also customize these bracelets if you make an order online, giving them your own personal touch!

Again, just so darn cute.

Smak Dab Mustard


I swear I am all about condiments.

 I first discovered this mustard at the St Norbert farmers market.

The girl who makes and owns Smak Dab is just so friendly and passionate about her product.

And honestly, this stuff is super tasty.

So I have become addicted and now own multiple flavours of this mustard, including Beer Chipotle Mustard, Maple Mustard, Hot and Smokey, and Red Wine Plum mustard.

Each has a unique flavour that adds a little something to different dishes. Some are good with pork, others with chicken, and I even found a spot for it on a cheese board which was a really nice touch!

Now I’m hungry….

These are just a few of my favourites. There are TONS of amazing vendors at Scattered Seeds and the show is open until tomorrow. If you live in Winnipeg I would forsure recommend it!

**Links to where you can get these products are connected in their underlined names

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