Instagram Fashion Inspo

Hey hey hey

This week has been crazy.

I mean HECTIC.

Events, school, work, and the cycle starts again next week.

And I love it. Sometimes.


In my last blog post I talked about some of my fave Winnipeg vendors. This is the arm candy I was reppin’ today from Sugar Blossom Jewelry – these are seriously my fave right now.

But anyways, in looking at my little arm party I decided to share some of my favourite style inspirations from my most used social media app – Instagram.

I’ve lit my 110 Calorie Coal and Canary Candle, made a hot water and lemon, and I am ready to get started!

image1 copy

Cara Van Brocklin – Caraloren

My friend Orisha introduced me to this account and I am hooked. Her fashion sense in on fire, which fits since she writes a great fashion lifestyle blog. She also has two sweet little guys who also have awesome style. This is a great account for tips on style and keeping up with the trends when your life is hectic just like hers!

image2 copy

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year you know who Kaitlyn Bristowe is. This cool chick was on the Bachelor and then went on to be The Bachelorette. Her style is so comfy casual, but chic all at the same time. She always looks good and doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style. Lookin’ good little lady!


Kristin Cavallari

The Hills throwback anyone?

I LOVED the Hills when it was on TV and Kristin was always one of my favourite characters on the show. Now that she has grown out of the reality TV world and moved on to become a mom and wife, Cavallari has a super awesome fashion sense including a shoe line that features some really awesome pieces. Although right now she is super pregnant, she still always finds a way to continue to have a fashion sense that puts me to shame most days.


Lauryn Evarts – theskinnyconfidential has been one of my go to blogs for awhile now. She always has a great sense of style, whether that is with home decor or fashion. Evarts is about all things health and wellness also, so she has some great tips for looking awesome during a workout as well. Check out her Instagram for a look at some of her amazing outfits.

Any suggestions for awesome style and fashion Instagram accounts I should check out? Comment below and fill me in!


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