Movember Problems

Can anyone else believe that it is already November 1st?

Ya…me neither.

Ladies, we all know what comes with the end of Halloween.

The razers come out, any stubble is killed, and the beginning of Movember begins.

Cue that music that comes in during the scary movie scenes…

Don’t get me wrong, the idea behind Movember supports a really great cause, and I think it’s fabulous that awareness is being raised.

But to my female friends out there, let us all take a second to think of the Movember struggles we face together. WE ARE NOT ALONE LADIES.


Movember takes place during the month of November. This is a time where guys grow out their moustaches to raise awareness for mens health.

Boo ya, awesome cause, we LOVE it.

However, the struggle is real for the female population if your man is taking part, am I right?

Even if you don’t have a man in your life, searching for one during Movember can be a difficult task.


For all we know you and your creepy stash could be hiding something in there. Ya nasty. (Throwback to That’s So Raven anyone?)

Picture this

You’re at the bar, scoping out dudes, and you spot one.

Cute. Good Smile. Not wearing disgusting shoes.

But then you see it.


It’s loud, it’s proud, it’s prickly.

Do you go for it anyways? Do you avoid the stash? Do you grab the closest female and see if she knows his name so you can do a QUICK Instagram creep to see what’s really under there.

Who knows. Not me. Every lady on high alert out there in Movember.

If you have a man in your life that you deal with daily (kudos to you sista) then you know even more issues arise besides just identity.

That thing is not soft. Honestly, unless your dude is conditioning his stash we know that thing doesn’t usually feel amazing to make contact with. Usually its prickly and gross and not a nice soft little lip sweater.

No thanks.

Also, there always seems to be something stuck in there. Food, sticky old booze, other unidentifiable items, but usually food.

Three day old hot wing sauce, cheese, milk, its in there. AND IT’S COMING FOR YOU.

Some dudes look awesome with a stash, others not so much. Either way, this is a really great cause and by getting involved you can become more aware to what health concerns are out there. Help a brotha out, ladies.

Find a team, donate, and make sure you keep your phone handy incase you need to double check who someone is under that pesky fur.

How can you get involved? Learn more by clicking here


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