Christmas Card Crafting 101

HEY all you Christmas lovers.

I apologize in advance but from now until Christmas (and probably a little bit after) the majority of my posts are going to revolve around the holiday season.

Because I am a Christmas freak.


It is such a great time of year to spend with the people you love.

And honestly there are so many fun, festive, things to do around this time.

Events, decorating, shopping for your friends and family, baking, and of course CRAFTING!

One of my favourite crafts that I have started to get more into this year is card making.

Creating a personalized card for your friends on their birthday, parents on mother or fathers day, a thank you, really any occasion that requires a card, makes all the difference. Honestly, it really is the thought that counts.

Now, I am no card making pro. BUT, if you are just starting out like I have been for the past little while, here are some pointers on where to start!

image2 (1) copy

Most of the supplies I get for my card making I get at Michael’s.

I used to get a lot more at Target when it was in Canada but sadly we all know it is gone now.

RIP Target Canada. You are missed.

However, Michael’s does have awesome card making supplies AND they have some great deals if you wait until the right time.

%40 off kinda sales – love it!

image3 (1)

I started my card making journey by getting a HUGE Costco sized stash of sharpies and pencil crayons. Both of these things can have many uses if you’re a crafter and card making is included in that.

image2 (1)

Here is an example of some of the stuff I picked up today to get ready for Holiday card making.

Washi tape and stickers are my best card making pals.

I use one or both (usually both) on all of the cards that I make.

When it comes to what type of paper to use, I have some different colours of plain card stock, and then I also have some other textured papers that I have also used to make my own card sizes and shapes out of. Completely up to you!

Then you just get creative!

It is as simple as putting some washi tape on the bottom of a card and finding a sticker or writing in a fancy cursive to create exactly what you want for the person or people you want to give your creation to.

Here is a look at a Christmas card that I started today – sadly a little piece of glitter fell off so that will need to be fixed. Although it isn’t finished – here is a sneak peek!

image2 (1) copy 2

image1 (3) copy

These are some of my pointers on where to get started when beginning in the card making world. Anyone have any other suggestions or websites to get good card making supplies off of? Comment below and fill me in!


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