Gift Guide for your Girls

Hey loves!

This is one of my fave posts because who doesn’t love coming up with fun, thoughtful gifts for gift exchanges for your secret santa, or the present that every lady will be stealing at the holiday gathering!

me me me me!

I LOVE buying gifts for people.

Seeing their face light up or the tears come to their eyes when you get them that special something that makes them feel great or just so excited. Again, I love Christmas.

So, over the next little bit I will do a few gift guides but I will start with a gift guide for your girls!

Fresh Paper

image1 (3)

I just recently got my first paper print and they are just so special.

These prints are made in Manitoba by Fresh Paper designs – created by a special lady named Milan.

These are a great gift – you can get it with or without the frame and choose something that your friend would love because there are SO many options!

Did I mention you can also get them personalized and made specifically however you like?

Ya, I told you, amazing.

Check Fresh Paper out on Instagram to get a better look at all the options!

BITNB Clothing

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 6.37.22 PM

Many of you have seen my “Fries Before Guys” sweater.

One of my personal faves.

These are the creators of that piece of perfect clothing.

They just recently came out with these water bottles that could be an awesome little gift for that friend who loves fitness.

If not – theres always the fries before guys sweater which is also such a great gift – extremely comfortable and seriously, who wouldn’t pick fries over guys?

David’s Tea Forever Nuts

This tea smells like heaven in a cup.

Honestly, and its Christmasy.

Ladies, we all know it. Sometimes you just can’t figure out what to bring to the gift stealing game because your too hungover and your already late and you just give in and get tea.


So just do it – but when you do – bring THIS tea.

Honestly it’s so great and sticks with the Christmas theme so everyone will think you spent the last 45 minutes sniffing teas.


Rollerball Perfume 

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 6.43.54 PM

These are just so convenient.

They fit into your purse, you can throw them into a clutch, and you never have to worry if you aren’t smelling your freshest because you can just roll on a little bit of this and you’re good to go!

Personally, I just like this one so that’s why I put that photo – but it really could be any type.

These are usually reasonably priced especially around the holidays. They often combine them into combo packs at Sephora in different scents. If so – get a combo pack, and use each one for a different person as part of a big gift or just a small gift for an exchange.


there was..


None of us ever want to be the person that just buys someone a giftcard.

Everyone says it – and for the most time we mean it – when we say “just get me a giftcard”

It is convenient and nice to have that way we can just get whatever we want.

But come on – isn’t it so much better to be able to open a little something?

So, if you are going to get your friend a giftcard there are a few ways you can spice it up

Maybe make your own personal giftcard holder as a card?

Also buy them a bottle of wine with a really funny name and drink it together discussing how they could have possibly came up with this name for wine.

Get one to a restaurant and get one for yourself that neither of you have gone to before and then go together! Same with an activity or clothing store!

Lots of different ideas.

Do you have any thoughts about awesome gift ideas for your girls?! Share them here. To check out my gift ideas click on the pink titles for a link to their sites. Now I’m off to make ground turkey burritos with Nicole! Have a great weekend! xx


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