How many cinnamon buns can I fit in my mouth?

The holidays are a time of year for me that are especially hard when it comes to trying to stay on track with healthy eating.

Don’t get me wrong, I go through “food phases”


Phases where I am extremely healthy and insane about my diet, phases where I eat everything in sight, and phases where my diet is really balanced.

Balanced is where my diet is at about 90% of the time.

However around the Christmas season there are tons of gatherings. Friends and family are around, people are coming together, and we are consuming TONS of food and alcohol.

I mean, tons.

And this isn’t that healthy fruit tray from outside by the pool, its cheese, and bread, and wine, and everything in your fridge.

image3 (1)
Throwback to our girls Christmas gathering 2014

If you don’t want to end up turning into the next TLC special of someone being craned out of their house, here are a few small tips to avoid that around the Holidays!

Drink Water

I know you hear this all the time. To drink water, you aren’t drinking enough water, that water is good for you.

People aren’t telling you this because they make commission off of you drinking water, they’re telling you this because it’s TRUE.

This is not something you should just be doing around the holidays, do it everyday. But especially around the holidays.

Set an alarm on your phone for three times a day called “drink a glass of water” and DRINK WATER.

This helps your metabolism, your skin, honestly it has unlimited health benefits!

Stick to a regular workout routine

Try to atleast get in three workouts a week

It can be as simple as going on the tredmill for half an hour, going to a class or bootcamp, or taking your dog on a good walk.

Just try to stay active.

It’s hard when it’s cold, and you would rather stay inside and have a baileys and coffee I totally get it. But staying as close to your regular routine around this time is vital to avoid any holiday weight you may be worried about!

Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to eat every. damn. thing. you see

Would you usually eat that entire brick of cheese? Maybe. However do not use the holidays as an excuse to just start eating everything in sight.

Many people just think, meh its the holidays. And for the most part, I completely agree. ENJOY yourself. Enjoy the baking and the treats. However this doesn’t become an excuse to do this every single day.

If you know you have a holiday gathering coming up with lots of treats to enjoy, try to eat super clean the couple days leading up! That way you won’t feel as extremely guilty after eating that entire wheel of brie.

Although these are three very simple tips we all know, sometimes its just good to have a little reminder. I know I need it!

Any tips you have for trying to stay healthy around the holidays? Comment below!


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