Winnipeg Watering Holes

Over the past two days I’ve spent time with friends exchanging gifts, baking cookies, drinking wine, and going for dinner or lunch!

With each friend we turned getting together over the holidays into a delicious meal, each at two of my all time favourite spots in Winnipeg.

One. Wasabi on Taylor

Two. Pineridge Hollow in Birdshill Park

Two completely different vibes but also two of my go to places in Winnipeg.

Below, I will share a couple of my other absolute favourite restaurants in Winnipeg year round and also just at the moment.

Wasabi – Taylor or Broadway

This is just a given.

If you like sushi, go to Wasabi and it will change your mind on any other sushi you have ever tried because Wasabi will BLOW YOUR DAMN MIND.

It is honestly my all time fave and its a go to for me to get together with your friends, have an LOL cocktail and some spicy mango prawns. YUM.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t gone there alone before..

The Taylor location is more of a modern cool vibe – while Broadway is more cozy.

image1 (7) copy.JPG

Pineridge Hollow

I have mentioned this place before but it is honestly just so cute here that I need to mention it just one more time.

I also just had brunch there and I could not be happier.

The decor, the shop, the whole experience is just so cute.

Did I mention the food? Have the butternut squash perogies you won’t regret it.

Here are a few other places I would recommend checking out:

SMITH at The Forks: Yummmmm. They have such a cool decor and this whipped butter cheese spread that is out of this world.

Deseo: Another one of my faves – their truffle gnocchi is insane.

Pizzeria Gusto: Their caesar salad is amazing (same with the rest of their food) – also order some bubbles and check out their champagne glasses because they’re so fab.

The Mitchell Block: One phrase, buck and shuck Thursdays. Oh yaaa.

Any recommendations on Winnipeg restaurants or specific dishes to try?! Comment below and fill me in!


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