Christmas Traditions

Who doesn’t love Christmas traditions?

Every family has them, the fun little things that you all do together to make the holiday time just a bit more special.

My family has a few traditions that we do every year, and I will share a few with you below. Have any fun traditions you and your family do? Share them in the comments section!


One of my families traditions is that every year we get a new ornament. Who gets it or who it represents changes every year. These are a few of mine from previous years, and I mean who doesn’t love finding fun and personal ornaments for the tree.

A second tradition my family and I have is that every Christmas season we have a large neighbourhood gathering at my house. It has gained the title of “Christmas Karaoke” simply because my dad forces everyone to sing Christmas Karaoke.

It has expanded over the years into quite the bash, including people from outside the neighbourhood and other friends. It is always an amazing time to get together with all the people you grew up with, reconnect, and sip on some of my dads insanely strong Christmas punch!

A final tradition my family shares is my mom, dad, brother and I every Christmas eve spend the night together just the four of us. We have done this every Christmas. We watch Elf, play board games, usually eat pizza or Chinese food, drink, and just spend quality time together.

We often forget that the most important part of Christmas is getting to spend time with your loved ones. So important.

I look forward to making more traditions this year, don’t forget to share yours below!


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