I’m Freeeee!

On Thursday I finished exams for the semester!

The feeling is honestly so nice.

I don’t remember the last time I woke up and just did not have something to do, somewhere to be, or material to be studying.

Like I said, great feeling.

Especially since Christmas is BARELY A WEEK AWAY!

For those of you who don’t know me personally, or just may not be up to speed on my life, this is my last year of university! (woo!)

I only have two classes to complete in the winter semester, and only had two in the fall as well.

Pretty easy work load, honestly I can’t complain.


So above is where you will find me for the winter break – drinking coffee with eggnog, wearing cozy sweaters, watching movies, and SLEEPING.

I thought I would share with you some of the things I learned over my second last semester of classes that made me come to the realization that, holy smokes I’m getting old and I need to figure out my big girl life.

First of all, this may seem random, but this semester I realized that my eye sight is NOT what it used to be. I was always the girl with great vision. Never needed glasses, could see perfectly. At the beginning of this semester I realized “woah…I can’t read the power points at the front of the class?”

Anyone else in this boat? Not just me? Eventually I will post about picking out glasses – super fun/frustrating.

Second, since this is my second last semester I have had the hardest time focusing. Honestly, anything is more interesting.

Dogs, my nails, googling random facts, staring into my fridge. Literally anything is more interesting to me then school work this semester.

The piece of advice I have for anyone else who is struggling with this is to KEEP GOING. Since I only have TWO classes left in my entire degree it is important to remain focused, feel good about the work you are doing, and finish strong!

Tonight is my families annual neighbourhood “Christmas Karaoke” that I mentioned in my previous post.

We all have a few too many drinks, sing karaoke, eat way to much, and enjoy the holiday’s together.

It’s so crazy to see people I’ve grown up with my entire life. All the kids have grown up and graduated or got married. It’s awesome to have this tradition to catch up with people that you’ve known your entire life, but may have drifted from over the years.

I’m so excited!

Now, I am going to go catch up on some shows, finish my eggnog and coffee, and then I’m off to the store! Is anyone going to a fun holiday gathering tonight?! Share it below! Talk to you soon! xx


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