Hangover for the Holidays


How’s everyone feeling this morning? Fabulous just like me?

If you don’t sense the sarcasm then let me clear it up for you.

I went out last night and I am not exactly feeling super awesome.

This is what happens around the holidays. We are constantly drinking and going out.

The biggest thing for me is that a large majority of my friends don’t live in Winnipeg, so around the holidays when everyone is home is the time that we get to all go out and catch up.

When I am hungover I usually do absolutely nothing. I’m a huge baby usually and even more so when I had a few the night before. I lay in my bed, thinking about greasy food, and accomplish nothing, except for getting through old episodes of The Hills and blogging.

Something I have been trying to do more lately is when I wake up ridiculously early like I do when I’m hungover is GET UP. Go to barre, go get a coffee, go walk on the treadmill, just get out of bed.

As much as it sucks it helps you start your day and gets you out of the hangover blahs.

Also, if you know you’re going out the night before, put a glass of water beside your bed and chug it before you go to sleep.

I always say drunk Emma is smarter then sober Emma, and usually drunk Emma is really good at this. It will significantly help in the morning and honestly your body is craving that hydration.

Also, if you want the greasy hangover food, just go for it. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Sometimes its OKAY to treat yourself to that pancake breakfast at Stellas and just really feel good about it. Just remember not to make this a habit like I have unfortunately done one too many times!

Anyways, I am off to try and scrape my life together and head for lunch with the ladies, enjoy your Christmas Eve Eve! xx




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