Merry Christmas


From me to you – Merry Christmas

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!

I spent my Christmas morning opening gifts and drinking coffee with my parents and brother. Then we get down to business, making mimosas and a mean Christmas morning brunch, so amazingly delicious.

Croissants, bacon, turkey bacon, fruit, and quiche.

I honestly just eat and drink all day on Christmas…


As cliche as it sounds, I am so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive family. As much as sometimes we love to get on each others nerves, at the end of the day we always have a great time coming together and celebrating Christmas.

We usually spend the rest of our Christmas afternoon hanging out, continuing to drink mimosas, and avoiding the kitchen at all costs while my dad cooks dinner.

Anyways, I am going to get back to doing absolutely nothing and enjoying every single second of it. I hope everyone has a very, very Merry Christmas. xo


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