NYE Bar Cart

Hey loves!

So for Christmas I got a new camera that I am absolutely obsessed with.

A Sony a5000.

I was really into this camera because of the small size but amazing lens and quality. Plus the one I got is white and it is adorable.

It is a beauty, but I did not receive photography skills as a gift so forgive me, but my skills are lacking.

 I decided today to focus on one of my favourite parts of the home, the bar cart.

Particularly on New Years Eve.

NYE is a time where it is particularly important to have a fully stocked cart, so all your guests get exactly what they need! Plus, it’s a really fun personal touch to any party or gathering.


So here are the beginnings of what I 100% require on a bar cart – mostly at all times, but particularly for NYE.

If you know me you know I loveeeee candy. Candy is something that even though it isn’t usually a part of your drink it can add the little pop of colour that you may need to spruce things up.



Now onto the beverages.

On NYE, I know I am going to be sipping on champagne and martinis. I mean, who isn’t?

Champagne is honestly high up on the list of my favourite bevy’s all the time. It’s so fun and fancy and can be enjoyed any time of the year in so many different beverages. However, it is NECESSARY on New Years Eve!


I find it really is the little touches that make a bar cart. Obviously everyone has their own personal style. For me, I am obsessed with any glassware that has gold accents. Which is why I am always looking for an excuse to use these amazing cocktail glasses I got at Indigo last Christmas season. They’re so perfect for this time of year and especially to make your cocktail a little more exciting.


Finally, I love adding small touches like fun paper straws to any occasion. Again, mainly for a fun pop of colour but they’re just SO damn cute. You can usually find these at any crafting store and typically with a ton of variety.

You also obviously need to have whatever drink making supplies you might require. This could be a shaker, jigger, a bottle opener, whatever you need in order to make your special beverage to ring the new year in with!


These are some of my New Years Eve bar cart essentials, what are yours? Share in the comment section below.


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