New Years Resolutions

Well, Christmas is over for another year.

After Christmas, we all start to prepare for the next big event, New Years Eve.

To be completely real as much as I love a good party, and the holiday season, New Years Eve has always been somewhat of a let down for me.

There is never a way to get home, the person you want to be caught with at midnight never ends up being at the same party, or its fricking freezing and you get frost bite on your legs because you aren’t smart and wear a dress in -40 weather.

What, me? Never.

image1 (7).JPG
0% chance I woke up like this.

And as we all know, with New Years Eve comes the ever dreaded list of people discussing their new years resolutions.


My new years resolutions are usually pretty consistent with every single other girls on the planet.

Get over my ex.

Stop eating so much pizza and eat healthy foods like kale.


These are the resolutions I make at some point in my head every single year. It’s almost the end of 2015 and I haven’t even started the exact same list of resolutions I made in 2013.

HUGE surprise.

Just kidding because it’s not.

We legit ALL do this. Don’t pretend you don’t because we all do. Regardless of what it is, and the majority of us never ever stick to the resolutions we make.

And if you do, good on ya, but I don’t really believe you anyways.

If you really want to be able to make some kind of significant changes in your life by using this resolution method, I suggest a different way to approach this.

At the beginning of January, make a list of all the months. Then, pick one resolution to focus on for that month. For example:

January: No drinking

February: Buy a one month gym membership and commit to going three times a week.

ect. ect. ect.

I’ve heard before that it takes 21 days to allow something to become ingrained into your system, so this way, it gives you a chance to try a bunch of different resolutions without forcing yourself into an entire year of something that there is a high chance you won’t commit to.

Because realistically, a year is a long time, and a month is something that may seem a bit less intense. At the end of that month who knows, maybe you’ll be ready to challenge yourself to another month, or you’ll be really ready for a glass of wine.

What are your New Years resolutions? Share them with me below! 


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