Touring WPG – Part 1

Happy 2016 everyone!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun new years eve!

I started off my 2016 by spending a day exploring the city I live in with one of my best friends Stella.

I find that living in Winnipeg, people love to find reasons to hate on the city.

It’s too small.

It’s too cold.

Everyone knows each other.

The list goes on and on and on.

And trust me, I am also guilty of this from time to time.

But instead of complaining about the place I live today I became a tourist in my own city, taking advantage of some of the great things that Winnipeg has to offer.


We started the day off at SMITH at Inn at the Forks.

I’ve spoken about this restaurant before but seriously I love it there, and a large part of why has to do with the decor.

It has a very warm and homey feeling but also creates an elegance that makes it such a great place to go to eat. Also, the food is amazing.

LOVE these.


Here are some shots from SMITH, I really do recommend checking it out!

After that we decided to walk around The Forks. Anyone from Winnipeg knows that this is something that people do every once and awhile, its almost just become a Winnipeg staple spot. So, we got some mini donuts, sat down, and really took it all in.


Crooked my bad still learning over here!


There are people singing, families going skating on the paths, the smell of the amazing Tall Grass Bakery surrounding you. Whenever I go to The Forks its for a specific purpose, but this time we just sat there, ate our donuts, and actually got to appreciate how cool of a place it is.

image2 (2).JPG

Then we walked around outside. We started talking to this couple who had two of these horse dogs featured above and a little wiener dog! They were so nice, and their dogs were adorable as you can see above.

After that, Stella and I decided to go see the amazing wreath that is featured outside of The Fort Garry Hotel. For anyone who doesn’t live in Winnipeg, this hotel is something out of Home Alone. It is so unique, old, and honestly just beautiful.

If anyone saw the kid from Home Alone running around today, it was me.


To top off our afternoon, we checked out Fools + Horses coffee on Broadway. As much as I am downtown, neither of us had ever been to this coffee shop and wanted to check it. The place was packed! A couple of our friends had been skating at The Forks and came to join us. It was a really nice spot to spend the final hour of our afternoon together. Also, they made a delicious London Fog.

And that concluded our day. It made me appreciate being able to take an entire afternoon to just be a tourist in the city I live in, and often times take for granted. I recommend trying to do this in 2016!

Every month, set aside a day or night to spend exploring a different area of the city or province that you live in. Take a walk down town, drive into the country, talk to a stranger, and just learn more about the place that you call home.

Any Winnipeggers have a suggestion for the next time I tour the city? Comment below!



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