Let’s talk about Ben.

Hellooooo ladies.


Not to discriminate, realistically I know about 80% of any guy whose reading my blog has probably caught an episode (cough cough season or 4) of The Bachelor in their life.

To be completely honest, I never watched the show until Chris Soules season. I’m from the prairies, and almost every lady who followed the show that I knew was saying “YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW”

With that much enthusiasm believe it or not.

(For those not up to speed on the show he’s a farmer)

And so my girlfriends and I began a ritual. Tuesday Taco Night and Bachelor. Yes I am aware that The Bachelor is on Monday’s however some of us couldn’t always make Monday so Tuesday worked out better.

This involved some of my favourite ladies, a few troughs of wine, some strong margs, and a lot of tacos.

So we went through Chris’ season, and since we all fell inlove with Kaitlyn Bristowe we continued our ritual throughout her season of The Bachelorette as well.

We watched her dramatic and extremely entertaining season and loved every second of it. Honestly, this chick is hilarious and it’s a little sad that I am actually so happy she really¬†found love.

And then.

We met Ben.

Not actually obviously because one of us probably would have trapped him in our house by now.

Juuuust Kidding…..

Now, to get completely real, after we all saw Ben get eliminated from Kaitlyn’s season we all thought, he HAS to be the next Bachelor.

I mean Nick? Come on dude, just go on Bachelor in Paradise.

And it turns out our dreams came true and Ben became the 20th Bachelor.

And this is when my friends thought, “hey Emma, you should apply for the show!”

What I think what makes ladies hearts melt about Ben is his down to earth, slightly nerdy, innocent charm. In a better phrase, he just seems like a genuinely nice guy.

And to be completely honest, I really was going to do it. I had the application printed, we were planning a video, and then we realized we were too late to apply.

Heart breaking moment.

But thats okay! I am excited anyways to watch Ben and his “journey to find love” this season.

Or just watch him make out with a bunch of girls who aren’t me.

Anyways, I just thought I would share some of my love for the show, and can’t wait to see what happens on this season! Do you and your friends have any special rituals when you all get together to watch The Bachelor!?Share them with me in the comment section.

Ben, if it doesn’t work out with these ladies, my emails under contact.


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