Drugstore Deals

BRRR. It’s freaking cold out there.

I’m getting into that time of year when I start to really become bitter about the cold.

Especially the way it effects my skin. I am so dry. I am so staticky. It is so gross.


Today I am going to talk about some seriously great products that you can find for some very reasonable prices right at your local Shoppers Drug Mart or Superstore (hello Canadians)

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good brand name product and have a few I would never compromise (Bobby Brown moisturizer for example), and these products cost some serious bucks.

However, there are a few products that I am often times willing to just grab at my local drug store because, well, they’re a lot less expensive.

And now – some of these products have become my go to’s either way because they’re just so great!

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 2.55.53 PM1. L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara 2. Essie Nail Polish 3. St. Ives blackhead curing green tea exfoliator  4. Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser  5.Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream

  1. The Mascara: Okay so this mascara is now my go to. I used to be a Dior girl all the way but I’m a student and to be totally honest I just could not anymore. So, I tried this mascara and fell in loveeeee. It honestly gives me the long lashes I want without the clumping or having to use a trillion coats to get the look I want. GREAT drugstore buy.
  2. Essie Nail Polish: I feel like about 90% of girls have used this…I love it, it’s great, they have a ton of colours, check it out.
  3. The Exfoliator: I used to not be a fan of St Ives Exfoliators because the beads were way to large and I felt like I was rubbing gravel on my face. However, this one is awesome! The beads are wayyyy smaller and the green tea effect is really nice for my skin.
  4. Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser: If you are ever going to buy anything on this list, buy this. This product is another one of my go to’s and I use it every single day. It is so great and really gets the job done. BYE DARK CIRCLES.
  5. BB Cream: Finally, this BB cream was recommended to me by a friend and it was a great recommendation! It’s light, but still gets that coverage I need for just running to the gym or out to school when I don’t feel like a full face of make up but still want a little something. (THANKS RISH!)

These are some of my Drug Store go to’s for beauty products, what are yours?! Share below.


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