Winnipeg Bakery Feature 1

Hi guys!

If you live in Winnipeg, you know how freaking cold it is, so that means we have a good excuse to eat a ton and puff up to stay warm.

Right? RIGHT?!

Just kidding…

But in all seriousness

I LOVE baking. Eating it, making it, looking at it, I just love baking.

So today I thought I would share two of my favourite bakeries in Winnipeg with you guys so you can also experience their greatness.


High Tea Bakery

I feel like people in Winnipeg do not give High Tea Bakery the credit it deserves.

It is one of Winnipeg’s oldest bakeries, and in my opinion also one of the best.

They recently redid their entire store and it looks beautiful.

I mean that feature white brick wall? Amazing.

Their scones and mini imperial cookies are to die for, and their cookies are also so beautifully decorated. (and tasty!)

So head down there, get a cup of tea from their wide assortment of flavours, grab a treat, and take a seat in the redone upstairs area, where while you are sitting you can see the bakers decorating delicious treats!

image1 (1)Tall Grass Prairie Bakery

Okay so the cookies above are my take on an amazing cookie they make called the Folk Fest cookie.

….their version is a million times better.

This bakery is located at The Forks and they have so many delicious treats to offer.

Cookies, breads, cinnamon buns…

Seriously you are lucky if you get to their location and there isn’t a line at least six people long, this place is a go to for lots of Winnipeggers.

My personal favourite from there? The cinnamon buns….

To be completely honest, if my craving is bad enough I will drive across town to The Forks to get my hands on one of these guys…

image2 (2).JPG

Above is a photo of them, I mean COME ON. They’re amazing.

Funny story, when I went and bought that batch from the photo above I was actually on my way to the gym…but decided the cinnamon buns were a lot more important. In the end I never did make it to the gym..

I will continue to share my favourite Winnipeg spots in future posts. If you’re from Winnipeg or have visited what are some of your favourite spots? Share below!


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