Valentines Day is taking over.

Alrighty soooo lets talk about Valentines Day.

Personally I think that if you are in a relationship you should tell the person you’re with how much you appreciate them all the time, HOWEVER I do love Valentines Day.

Even though..I’m single.

So what is a girl to do when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed on Instagram or Facebook and all you’re seeing is Valentines Day gift guides, or date night ideas and you’re just like half a bag deep into the Chex Mix wondering why you’re still single.

Just kidding that’s never happened to me…..ha-ha-ha..

Ladies, this is NOT a time to get down on yourselves! This is a time to take advantage of your single status, round up some of your besties in a similar single situation, and do something fun!

Here are a few ideas for Galentines Day (See what I did there?)

Above are just some photos of me and some of my best lady friends because well I am obsessed with them.

So, here we go!

Festival Du Voyager / The Great Ice Show:

So both of these events are really awesome Winnipeg based activities that you and your friends can do on Valentines Day Eve.

I went to The Great Ice Show the other night and it was so fun! There’s an ice bar, tons of incredible statues, and its at The Forks so there are lots of other things around if you want to go grab a glass of wine and warm up after!

Since Festival will also be happening on February 14th – hit up both! Festival always has awesome entertainment and they’re so close to each other that you can take advantage of both without having to spend a ton of time driving around. Make your evening into an outdoor adventure and check out each of these amazing events.

Games and Cheese Night:

Anyone who knows me knows I can ALWAYS go for a good cheese board and games night.

So have your girls over, get the wine going, and create the best meat and cheese boards that Pinterest can inspire.

Play a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity or Words With Friends, enjoy some delicious cheese, and have girls night in!

Craft Cocktails and Baking

Have a bit of a shot luck / bake off!

Inspire everyone to either bring a baked good or signature cocktail and have a tasting party of what everyone came up with!

Each lady can show off their baking or bar tending skills and maybe you can even snag a great new recipe.

Who needs boxed chocolates anyways?

These are just a couple of ideas that could inspire a great Valentines Day even though you may not be in a relationship. Celebrate the amazing friendships you have and still get to enjoy the holiday with people you care about!

Any other ideas? Share in the comment section below.


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