Lend Me Some Sugar

Hey guys!

Like I’ve mentioned before I love supporting the local businesses around Winnipeg.

To be honest I find a lot of products made locally in Winnipeg to be super great and prefer many of them over things I could buy at large chains.

A newer and really awesome Winnipeg business is Lend Me Some Sugar. The company creates (handmade!!) bath bombs, lip chaps, and lip scrubs in an assortment of scents. Owned and created by Winnipegger Courtney Gordon these products are super great.

Not only are they all natural – the best – but they smell AMAZING. They’re made with an assortment of essential oils and moisturizing butters, and Courtney gave me some of the bath bombs to try out. It was hard to pick one to try first because I was loving all the scents.


I am usually extremely sensitive to smell and can get instantly turned off from a scent if it smells too artificial or sweet. But these bombs have a subtle, yet delicious smell that I loveeed. Honestly, my bathroom still smelled heavenly the next morning from the bath  bomb the night before, these things are legit.

As soon as the bomb went into the bath it began fizzing and filling up the water. It is extremely relaxing. The lavender specifically had an unreal smell and was super soothing for dry skin. I don’t know about you guys but my skin gets super dried out in the Winter and I am always trying to keep it hydrated. The bath bomb was a really great way to unwind and give my skin that relaxation it really really needed.

A closer look – aren’t they so pretty?!

So, where can you get this amazing product? You can check out their Instagram, lendmesomesugarspacosmetics for more information, plus in Winnipeg they’re sold at Tharnzie (in Osborne Village) and online through Teeyahs.

I forgot to mention since I got so carried away with these great bath bombs that I’ve also been using the Lend Me Some Sugar lip chap. Again, naturally made (THE BEST) and the one I have has a delicious cinnamon smell. I put it on before bed and it really helps to prevent having overly dry or chapped lips in the morning.


Have you tried these before or are dying to?! Comment below and share with us!


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