Cook Book Craze

Oh hey there…

My home office…not too shabby hey?

After a LONG break (maybe a bit too long…) I’M BACK!

I shouldn’t even say that this was a break.

It was more like a totally crazy month of assignments, catching up with friends, and trying to figure out my life after graduation.

No spa days or tanning on a beach for this girl…but seriously I could use it! (I mean…who couldn’t?)

At the beginning of 2016 I made a promise to myself (NOT a resolution…) that I would try my absolute best to try and not spend as much money on going out for meals, buying coffees, or little treats throughout the day.

I mean my Starbucks addiction of 2014/2015 seriously cost me the amount of a University course….

Jk but you get the idea.

So – I have been really putting in an effort to make my coffees at home, and cook more meals at home opposed to going out four days a week to eat.

To be honest I really enjoy cooking, and by doing this not only am I learning great new recipes and saving money, but I am practicing a craft that I really like!

In this post I thought I would share with you some cookbooks I have picked up in the past year (including 2015) that I hope to try different recipes from! I went through them all the other night and tagged a few recipes that I can’t wait to try! Here are some of the cook books I’ve been checking out:


Oh She Glows:

I am far from a vegan.

I love dairy, cheese is seriously my life, and honestly I don’t think I could ever give up burgers.

But I believe that vegan food can be SUPER delicious and a really awesome alternative if you are wanting to seek out healthier options.

Oh She Glows is filled with delicious recipes that look insane.

I had wanted this cookbook for awhile and received it as a gift for Christmas – SO EXCITED.

Although I have yet to try anything from the cookbook – there are a few things that look insanely delicious. Not only do the recipes look tasty and healthy, but also they are not overly difficult to make so a pretty amateur cook like myself won’t be struggling through them too much!

I will post updates when I do begin to dive into the recipes!

200 Super Salad:

Quick and Simple. Exactly what forms the perfect side salad.

When I’m cooking I usually like to try (TRY) to have a little side salad with every large meal like dinner.

This little book is perfect for that filled with tons of quick and easy salads to add to any dish.

Martha Stewart Appetizers:

Amazing while planning a dinner party or girls night.

Making many of the recipes and apps in this book can require a bit of time and effort, so make sure to plan in advance. However the recipes in here are AMAZING – definitely worth the prep!

The Real Girls Kitchen:

Not only is this book packed with awesome recipes and tips – but it is also just a really good read.

This book made me feel right at home, and each recipe comes with a fun story that really makes you feel connected with what the writer is saying and excited to try the dishes to create your own memories!

Let’s Do Brunch

It’s a recipe book devoted to brunch – enough said.

Have you tried any of these books? Which are your faves?! Share below so I can try them too!


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