The Graduate

Hey guys!

I don’t know if it’s just me but wow I am ready for summer! And the snow fall Winnipeg got last night did not make me crave warm days and poolside drinks any less!

However, Spring is coming – and I can’t wait to get passed this gloomy weather to what will hopefully be another amazing Winnipeg summer.

image2 (2)
Just a little spring time inspo – gorgeous flowers from a Sculpt client

So as I’ve mentioned before I am finishing university this year for good.


My classes are officially finished so that means it is time for me to jump into finding a big girl job.

I’ve learned (quickly) that this is not always the easiest thing to do…

However! I also learned that while it is really easy to become discouraged, don’t give up! This process usually takes awhile, and all the practice helps!

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Cheers to the end of Undergrad!

So here are the best tips that I have gathered so far and hope will help me now and into the future when it comes to finding employment opportunities.

Cover Letters:

I had no idea what the hell to do with a cover letter.

What is this thing?

Basically the best advice I have received when it comes to cover letters is follow the guide lines that the job you are applying for is describing.

Use the cover letter to really exemplify why you think you would be the best fit for this position by giving a brief showcase of what you can do!

This will provide enough information but will also create a want to read your resume.

Another part about cover letters, short and sweet.

Get to the point and give the employer the exact information they need in the shortest and more precise wording.

Find places you actually want to work:

If there is a company that you are truly passionate about working for – reach out to them.

Let them know why you believe you would be a great fit there, and why you are interested in what they do and why you love it.

Being able to do what you love for a company you love is an amazing way to truly enjoy your job – who doesn’t want that!

Use every opportunity you have:

I have found especially in the last few months that reaching out and talking to people has really helped me when it comes to applying for jobs in my field (communications).

I have been lucky enough to sit down and pick the brains of some of the most powerful communications women this city has to offer – and they have all given me some wonderful and encouraging advice.

I am so grateful that each of these women gave up a bit of their time to offer me their advice and share their experiences.

They’re most important advice, don’t give up, don’t settle, and don’t ever let anyone treat you less then anyone else.

So that’s what I have to offer when it comes to job hunting. Whether you’re a recent grad, graduating in the next year, or have been graduated for awhile I hope this is helpful!

Any other tips? Fill me in below in the comment section!



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