Summer Lovin

Hi guys!

Seriously I know I fell off the blogging wagon.

It’s been forever.

I apologize. The last few months have been crazy busy, with graduating, looking for work, and honestly just enjoying some time to myself I have really enjoyed the beginning of summer!

image1 (9).JPG
Time to pop that bubbly cause its SUMMER!

Since I am completely donezo with school (WHOOP) – I have realized I really need to step up my blogging game.

I thought I’d jump back in by talking about some stuff that I am looking forward to this summer.

(I also plan to work on a summer 2016 bucket list that I WILL be sharing – so stay tuned!)

Every summer I like to try and atleast plan one trip. Whether it’s somewhere I’ve been before, haven’t been, or a place I just love, I like to have a trip to look forward to and plan.

Also, I am absolutely insane when it comes to trip planning. I actually scope out restaurants months in advance and get so excited and in the process eat so much because I look at so many menus and get so hungry.


So this summer Scott (my bf) and I are going to Toronto for my cousins wedding/a vacay. Scott hasn’t been on a trip in forever so I am really excited for us to get away.


Three things that I LIVE for in the summer: BBQ’s, Pool Parties, and Picnics.

I don’t have too much to say about these topics because, I mean, they basically speak for themselves.

PICNICS: Wine, cheese, your besties, and an afternoon in the sun. Seriously, does it get better?

image3 (2).JPG
First picnic of summer 2016!


POOL PARTIES: Swan and Donut pool floats, duh?

Enough said.

Finally in the summer I always LOVE to explore my city (Winnipeg). Whether that means trying out new amazing local products and places, reacquainting with some of my old fave spots and eats, or just wondering around downtown with camera in hand, Winnipeg has so many awesome qualities that I often times take for granted.


So this is what I have going on in the next couple months, plus blogging!




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