Summer Bucket List 2016

So last post I mentioned that since I will be in the city for the majority of summer 2016 I decided to compile a little bucket list.

The main reason I decided to do this was to be more aware of how I am spending my time. I want to get the most out of my summer, and this list is a great way to help me do that!

So here it is:

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 8.35.01 AM.png

Obviously some things on this list are specific to living in Manitoba, however it doesn’t really matter where you live! You can substitute those things out for activities or restaurants that are in your area.

As I check things off this list, I will document what I am doing and keep you updated on my progress. Feel free to do the same by commenting below and letting me know how your doing! Or with any suggestions to add to my list.Honestly making a list was fairly easy, so if you’re interested in making a bucket list just sit down and think about things you haven’t done or haven’t done in awhile. You could also just use my list featured above!

Now I am off to make a large cup of coffee, Henry (my basset hound) decided howling at 7am this morning was a great way to wake me up. Thanks Hen!



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