Trip Planning

Hey guys!

Things over here have been HECTIC lately! Summer is winding down, and it’s finally time to get back into routine.

“What do you mean Emma? Drinking an entire bottle of wine every other night isn’t routine for you?”


Anyways! Summer 2016 was GREAT. However, I feel like it went by way, way, too fast.

At the end of the summer my boyfriend and I went on a trip to Toronto for my cousins wedding. A few days before the big day, we spent some time in downtown Toronto and had an awesome time.

I am big time into planning when it comes to going on a trip, but I know many people are not. I thought I would share a checklist of things I do before I go on a trip to make sure I make the most of my vaycay.


  1. Food (and drinks obviously)

Honestly, I could be eating breakfast and I am already thinking about what I am going to have for dinner. Food realistically takes up about %60 of my thoughts, it may not always be at the front of my mind, but you better believe I never forget about it.

When I am going on a vacation I love to look up great places to eat, because there is nothing worse then being on a trip, having no clue where to go, and ending up having a really disappointing meal.

For example: The photo on the left is a place a friend of mine who lives in Toronto recommended called Gusto 101. The vibes were on point, a rooftop patio that had a greenhouse feel, delicious food, and this place was PACKED.

On the left is a really Instagram popular ice cream shop called Sweet Jesus. To beat the insane Toronto heat we waited in the line (don’t let it intimidate you, it went really quickly) and it was so worth it. This ice cream is not just a pretty picture, it’s also crazy good.

2. Entertainment

What’s going on in the city? Is there a local battle of the bands? A super hilarious comedian rolling through town? A food truck war? A sporting event you want to be able to say you were at? I bet there is!

When we went to Toronto we knew something we wanted to do was attend a Blue Jay’s game, honestly if we didn’t I feel like they would have kicked us out of Toronto. (JK!)


The game was SO fun. It was really great to be part of something that the people who live in Toronto are so passionate about. We had a great time, and the seat prices are super reasonable for such a popular team!

Where are you going to stay?

When I’m considering where I am going to stay on a vacation, I factor in everything I want to do while we’re there. Scott and I knew we wanted to go to a Jay’s game, be close to good food and drinks, central enough to walk back carrying our shopping bags (ok…Scott carried the bags…), and be able to get a cab quickly if we needed!

I did some research and realized at the time we were going (end of August) finding a hotel for a reasonable price is next to impossible, so I decided to go a different route, AirBnB. I had never used this site before, but we lucked out BIG time!

We found an AMAZING downtown apartment, great views, 24 hour security, and steps away from everything we were wanting to do on our trip. PLUS it was less expensive then any hotel I had looked into. I am so so glad we decided to stay at this apartment, and will forsure look into AirBnB accommodations on future vacation.

These are a few of my recommendations when it comes to vacation planning, however I also suggest leaving time to rest, explore the city, maybe stumble upon a great local dessert spot or vintage shop. Not every second of a vacation should be planned, it is about relaxing after all!


Have any suggestions when it comes to vacation planning? Comment below!


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