Because sometimes being in your 20’s is just hard.

This post is going to be a bit more serious then my usual posts.

Because honestly, sometimes being in your 20’s is just shitty.

You don’t know what’s going on, you’re trying to figure out what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life, and every single decision seems life altering.

Recently I’ve realized that life isn’t always fair. Somethings are just out of your control, and that sucks.

In you’re 20’s you’re not only trying to figure out who you are as a person, but you’re also trying to mould the life you want to have.

We feel a million different types of pressure. You have to find the right job, the right partner, the right circle of friends, stay fit, be kind, eat/drink green smoothies I think?

But that isn’t usually how it turns out (except for those random few you lucky SOBs)

You graduate (or don’t) and can’t find a job, or can’t find one you enjoy. The love of your life (or so you think) breaks your heart. You lose touch with friends or learn people you thought were your friends just, aren’t.

You order an entire pizza and eat the whole thing and know you’re supposed to feel bad about it but don’t and then you feel bad about not feeling bad, oops.

Sometimes one thing happens and you’re entire life feels like it’s falling apart and if you don’t fix it RIGHT NOW you’re doomed.

But here’s the thing,

(also I am far, far from perfect so hey, maybe this isn’t the right advice for you because sometimes I don’t take it myself either)

Being in your 20’s is the time to take the reins. As much as it wants to, don’t let life get you down. This is the time for you to discover exactly who you want to be.

The life you want to live, the friends you choose to have because you realize that who the real friends are, the time to have your heart broken, take the time to be sad, and then focus on what makes you happy.

Take a random vacation, move out, paint your house, laugh with your friends, take a bike tour around your city, try a new form of exercise, find a job you LOVE even if it isn’t what you think you should be doing. Take a risk.

This is YOUR time.

Yes, things will come along, stress will take over, and you will be overwhelmed. And that’s okay.

But don’t let that stress be the thing that turns into the rest of your life. Because life is way, way too short.

I hope this post was able to take a little big of stress or anxiety away from any readers, because I know that being able to write it gave me a slight bit of clarity.

Also, sometimes you just need to hug your dog and be a dog too because his life seems so stress free, so here!



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