Office to Street Style

Hey guys!

I started working in an office environment about a month ago, which means, you guessed it, NEW WARDROBE! (and I got a job haha)

When I started, I knew I wanted to look professional without sacrificing comfort and style, or spending a ton of cash.

I do live a fairly busy life. I work another part time job somedays after work or I usually will go out straight from the office, whether that’s just to a friends house or out for dinner.


Sometimes I will pack a change of clothes depending on where I’m going or what I am doing, but honestly a lot of the time I find this to just take up time that I don’t have or I’m lazy.

So I am constantly looking for outfits that are appropriate in a professional setting, but are also stylish and comfortable so I could wear them out after work as well if I needed to.

Here are a few of my favourite spots for that:

Mad About Style

Mad About Style is a Winnipeg boutique that carries pieces from graphic sweaters and reading socks, to work wear, to evening wear, to casual wear. Basically they have it all and I LOVE their stuff. The majority of my wardrobe is from there. Everything they carry is great quality at a fair price, and this is a perfect boutique to find that balance of work to street style. They also have an online store!


I honestly really, really don’t like dress pants. I do not usually find them comfortable or flattering on me. However, I recently found a pair at Dynamite with a stylish ankle cut that are SO comfortable. These pants can be paired with a sweater or blouse and really are great for a professional setting. Here is a picture of the pair I got:



Zara is one of my favourite stores all around but they are GREAT for inexpensive work wear. I got the dress below from Zara and it has become a staple in my work wardrobe.



Again, H&M is another awesome spot to find inexpensive items without risking quality. I found this great button up/sweater combo there and it is SO cute. It comes in multiple colours and by adding a statement necklace I can easily wear it out for dinner after work with girlfriends!


A few of my other favourite places to buy work to street wear include Joe Fresh, Banana Republic (GREAT SALES) and RW&CO (I have some great pants from there)


Any recommendations?! Share them below.

Also thank you to my SUPER talented friend Rachel for these photos – check her out on Instagram @rscams


3 thoughts on “Office to Street Style

  1. I love your last post on office to street style , but I would like to see more of how you wear these clothes everyday. Perhaps by showing us different ways you can pair those black pants from dynamite with different shoes and sweaters you own, to dress up the look and dress down the look. Would love to see more style posts from you!

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