Moving out!

The past couple weeks have been crazy busy. With starting a new job, the change of the season, and I am also MOVING OUT!

Moving out of my parents house has been something I have been planning to do for a couple of years. I struggled for awhile to decide whether or not I would buy a condo, rent by myself, or maybe live with a friend. I finally decided that for my first year on my own I would rent, and then decide from there what I wanted to do.

I’m not going to lie, finding a place that is right for me has mainly been difficult because I am extremely picky. I have a few MUST have points and it has been a challenge to find a place that fits the criteria.

I decided that I wanted a top floor unit and with good natural light. I was okay if the place did not have a balcony, however if it didn’t it was really important that there was natural light so I didn’t feel like I was living in a cave.

It was also extremely important to me that the building was central to a lot of places that I frequent in Winnipeg, which included work, my friends, restaurants, and not too far from my parents and grandparents.

I also decided a long time ago that the place I picked had to have hardwood floors, and ample storage space. I am a bit of a control freak (if you can’t already tell from this list) and I don’t like clutter lying around, which is why storage space is SO important to me.

After tons of searching in places I felt were “the best places in Winnipeg to live” (by my standards), I was quickly realizing that I should expand my search a bit.

And when I did was when I found my place!

I did have to move a tiny bit from the central hub that I was originally looking in, however the place I found is only a short distance away from where I was first looking, and it turned out to have pretty much everything I was looking for! I will post photos once I am moved in, however they were completely in the process of gutting and redoing the unit (BONUS) so I have not taken any good photos yet.

Once I finally found my place, it was onto the important thing…DECOR.

I didn’t really have a specific idea of what I wanted, however I did know I wanted to have a gallery wall, lots of seating, and for my decor to be fairly neutral (think whites greys and blacks)

Below are some ideas on my style that I am going for in my apartment.


1.Wire Basket 2. Throw Pillows 3. Prints 4. Bookshelf 5. Marble 6. Florals 7. Statement table

Wire Basket: I actually have the one pictured above and LOVE it. I recently took a trip to Grand Forks and I was able to go to Target (I’m still upset that we got rid of it in Canada but oh well!) Something like this is great to put throw blankets in for you and your guests.

Throw Pillows: Throw pillows are an awesome accent piece that can either add a pop of colour to the room, or just act as decor!

Prints: Personally, I think that the art that someone decides to put up in their home says a lot about them. I believe at least some of the prints or art you decide to display should say a little bit about you. I decided to go with a black and white print theme for my wall.

Bookshelf: I have soooo many books (LOVE reading) that I just had hiding away in drawers, so it was important for me to get a bookshelf to not only display them, but also any other random little decor pieces that I had.

Marble: I love marble, however I find that I like it more in small doses. I have a few sets of marble coasters that I plan to display in my living room on the coffee table.

Florals: I love love love live flowers, however with a busy schedule and living in Winnipeg (it’s Winter now ugh) it can be difficult to be able to enjoy them or keep them alive. I enjoy scattering fake flowers, again for a statement piece or a pop of colour, around my living space.

Statement table: For my table I went with a distressed hardwood top with metallic legs similar to the one in the photo. I thought it would be a nice contrast to all of the white I plan to have.

I will be moving in next week and can’t wait to share photos of my new space!


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