My first little home

If you are reading this from Winnipeg, I hope you are snuggled up in your home with tons of warm candles, a furry blanket, maybe some tea, and are staying off the roads. We just got a crazy snow storm, and let me tell you it’s messy out there.

Which makes me even more grateful that I moved LAST week and was able to get everything into my apartment before this insane weather hit!

I thought I’d share some photos (taken by my super talented friend Rachel, find her on Instagram @rscrams) of my place, and talk a little bit about the style choices I made!


I knew that I wanted my place to feel like home right away. So many people have said, “wow your place is so put together so fast”, however I did have a month to plan in-between finding a place and actually moving in.

I knew that if I did not feel like I was at home right away, I wouldn’t be comfortable and it would make my first experience away from my family home feel even weirder then it already did.

The vibe I went for was cozy, warm, and neutral. As much as I always wanted to feel like home for myself, I wanted my guests to feel the same way.

I knew I would need to have lots of glassware and plates on hand for entertaining, and also knew I would want to have lots of seating. I love to entertain, and being able to have my own space to do it in was just one more perk of moving out on my own.



So, I will leave this post short, and sweet. Over the next couple weeks I will continue to post about my first experiences in my apartment, and obviously CHRISTMAS!





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