Helloooo 2017.

ya ya ya I’m a day late.

Honestly, I spent the first day of 2017 watching chick flicks on the couch, eating things I shouldn’t be eating (because new year new me right? jk.), and wishing this holiday vacation time would never have to end.


However, as much as I’ve loved being on holidays, I do look forward to getting back into the routine that a weekly work schedule brings.

I’ve never really been one for resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that this can be used to help people accomplish or tackle goals they’ve been looking for a reason to start, all the power to ya! For me, a resolution is something that you can do all the time, as much as it is easier said then done, when you find inspiration or feel a certain way about something in your life, the time to start is then, not just because we’ve entered a new year.

Again, I am totally not bashing people who love NY resolutions or have set them, you go glen coco! This is just something I am trying to work into my life…maybe that’s my 2017 resolution, make resolutions all the time to try and stick to. Interesting thought…

I’ve seen tons of posts today about people reflecting on their past year. Lots of people said they had ups and downs, or that it was the best or worst year of their life for many different reasons, or that it was a sad year for humanity although they themselves had a wonderful 2016.

I agree with all of these things, I think (as cheesy at it is) it really is important to reflect on your past year. What made it great? What made it…not so great. Was there anything you’d change looking back? Something you wish you’d done that you didn’t? I try very hard in my life to not focus too much on the past in order to move forward in my life, however I do think that reflection helps you to do this.

So, whichever it is for you, or maybe it’s neither, Happy New Year! and all the best in 2017.

(ps to those of you who made their resolution to get in shape, although this wasn’t mine I felt a bit obligated to get it together over here. So I signed up for a bunch of bootcamps to force myself to go. I’m with you and feel your pain, literally because I went to a bootcamp on the 31 and can barely walk.)


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